The one day trip to Berlin

A quick trip to Berlin

You know, I am quite a random and spontaneous person, I could easily jump on a plane to go anywhere in the world if you just gave me the opportunity to do so. Only thing I would pack would be my wallet, camera, and of course passport. There are a lot of people like that spread out through the world, but who would have known that my classmates were like that too? Destination Berlin!

way to Berlin

It all started some weeks ago when one of our teachers told us that if we ever got to go visit an Irving Penn exhibition, we should grab the chance and do so. And over the weekend after that class, one of my classmates were just randomly browsing the web on his iPad. He found some super cheap tickets to Berlin, which at the moment has an Irving Penn exhibition ongoing. He told the rest of the class about the tickets, and everyone was all eager to go. After all the tickets were so cheap. The one thing about it was that it was a one day trip, meaning that the plane would leave for Berlin at 07.40am in the morning, and we would return at 09.40pm later that very same day. Strange how small the world has gotten when you can do something like this. I’ve done it once before to London, but I never thought that it was possible to get almost the whole class to agree on this trip.

Rowlet backpack

The Berlin quick walk

So an early morning, got up and went straight to the central train station. As early as 5 am, that’s way too early for me to be honest. But this day it was quite important to get there in time, the plane waits for no one. It was a short flight, but I was lucky and got three seats all to myself, which basically meant that I could sleep normally for one extra hour.

We arrived in Berlin and quickly located the area for the Irving Penn exhibition, and well that was our first and main destination so that was where we first went.

Irving Penn exhibition

It was an amazingly good photo exhibition, so no wonder why our teacher recommended it so much. I even got to take an Irving Penn inspired picture, which you can see here:

Owlando Penn

He had a thing for corners it seems, and I got to agree with him, it was quite a cool shot! After spending some time at the exhibition we went for a walk, no particular destination in mind but we went the direction of Brandenburger Tor. Along the way we walked through a park, Tiergarten or something, it was such a nice stroll. I even managed to capture some Pokemon on the way, even managed to beat a gym while walking around. A lot of pictures were taken so here’s one of them.

Park in Berlin

After a while, we arrived at Brandenburger Tor, it was such a nice place. And lots of things to see as well, but time was running short. Of course, when you go on a day trip like this, you can’t expect to have an overflow of time at your disposal. So we went for some food near Alexander Platz, a place close to the station where we could take the train back to the airport. It was quite a nice trip I must say, and it was fun to travel with other photographers. Finally, I wasn’t the only one who stayed behind to take some photos, we all kept the same pace.

And of course, I need to go back here very soon, it was way too beautiful.

New YouTube uploads and content

Of course, I had to make a video about the trip, quite the short one, but I also managed to upload a new Outlast2 gameplay video, that game, it really scares me to the bone. I have decided to try, keyword being try, to finish the game, no matter how long it takes. But in between, I will play other games obviously. After all, the Outlast2 playthrough might very well last a year or so, haha. Purely because I’m afraid, and I hate getting scared.

Feel free to watch the new videos and give som feedback:
The one about Berlin
Outlast 2 

YouTube Owlando

New content on my channel will be more vlogs, I am gradually learning more Adobe Premiere techniques, and it’s quite fun to make videos. I will try out some more techniques and stuff when I get better, and maybe even try making some story based videos. Also, I will have a Mario Kart session again soon, as a live stream of course.

Yeah, I guess that’s all from me this time, see ya around!


The first outdoor jog of 2018

Sunshine got me out for a jog

Yesterday was a great day, the weather was so perfect! So perfect in fact that I decided to run outdoors instead of on the treadmill. Hereunder are some photos and a short video of yesterdays jog.

I did a full speed run to a destination at Bjølsen, then I stopped and bought some bread. I saw a lot of ducks on the way there, so I decided to do a slow jog with duck feeding stops in between. All these photos and the two movies were shot on the iPhone SE. It feels weird to be doing iPhotography again, but hey, I wouldn’t bring my DSLR on a jog. The best camera is the one you have with you at the point of need. So here are the media of yesterday.


Today’s weather seems mighty fine as well, so I hope to be outside a lot today too. Maybe a run today even. So with that, I wish you all a nice day!


Running, how it went from hate to love

It was about time to get moving

My life has had quite a lot of running in it, since the early years, although I hated it. I really hated running, it’s quite funny how over the years, running became one of my favourite things to do. And here’s my little backstory on running, and the start of my fitness journey.

I really did hate running

When I grew up, or rather, the place where I grew up, you had to either like football or handball in order to have any social activities. Due to a lack of coordination, and quite a low stamina, I naturally hated those activities. Mainly because they both involved a lot of running. Kicking a ball around or throwing one around also seemed so silly to me back then, why did people think of it as so much fun?

Around the age of six, I got my first gaming console, and that sealed quite a lot of my future years. As I really loved playing video games, I grew up with Sonic, again ironically since Sonic is known for, you guessed it, running! I loved the Sonic games, and I got a lot of time in the basement playing those games. In other words, not contributing to my health, but hey, I had a lot of fun, that’s important too you know!

For some reason I don’t remember, I signed up for a kids race at the age of 8 or something. I don’t know if I signed up for it, my parents did it, or if the school did it. Still today it does not make sense to me that I entered a race when my background was playing video games about a blue hedgehog running around at the speed of sound. Anyways, this is one of the most embarrassing moments from my childhood that I can vaguely remember. At the start line, I remember thinking that I wanted to beat each and everyone to the finish line. What a twisted mind I had back then, not knowing anything about how the outcome would be.

Of course, I ended dead last, finishing quite a while after all the others. We are talking quite a while later. Since this was a big deal in the small town, a lot of people showed up and saw the race, luckily I don’t remember this too well. I only remember the pain in my chest while running, going so slow, but still that was what I could do at that moment. Hey, I wish I could do it again though.

Constantly running

As I got older and the memories of that race faded, I gradually got used to running. I did not like it yet, but I got used to it. As the gym lessons in school made us run through obstacle courses, it was so much fun, running and jumping around obstacles. For some reason, I was also quite good at it. Still did not like the running part too much though, but the obstacles made it fun, maybe my childhood imagination thought it was fun because it reminded me of Sonic, who knows. Needless to say, I loved Sonic, and I still do today.

A little detail to mention here is also that since I was a kid, I have this story about getting to places on time. This is especially a memory regarding each and every time I were to get a haircut. As mentioned I grew up in a very small town, a place where most people knew each other, and my hairdresser usually was the talkative type. She would always take exceptionally long time with each customer, we’re talking way too much time for a kid to endure. My mom always said it was important to get there in time, so she sent me away from home probably forty-five minutes before my scheduled haircut. Having a bike, it usually took me five to ten minutes to get there, and then I would arrive approximately thirty minutes before I had to. That’s all fine, I do agree on the part that it is important to be on time, I really do.

But when I got there, my hairdresser was not ready, never ever was she ready on time. It usually took more than thirty minutes after the original start time before she was ready. And as a kid, that was the most boring thing in the world, to just sit here and listen to the ladies conversations about this and that. So my solution was to just not go there that early, I started to bend the time schedule. It ended up with me going there like five minutes before my appointed time, and that worked out fine. Still, she was late, so eventually I figured that I could go even later, basically, I started to get late on purpose just to not have to sit there like forever. And that’s where my time habit started, sadly enough I still have this to some degree today.

You must not tell lies

I won’t tell any lies, this habit is just as strong with me today, and this is where running started to become a part of my life. As I got older, I quickly faced some issues with being either just in time, or a few minutes late. When I got to high school I was relying on catching the bus in order to get there in time. So suddenly time became more crucial than it ever was before, and I remember one time when my dad woke me up and we had to race the bus by car in order for me to make it. This became quite frequent, I never missed it though, thanks to my dad. People asked me if it wasn’t tiresome to always have to stress and run all the time. But I have to say it was not, I never stressed, although I probably should have. I was mostly relaxed, did not worry too much, even though I should. The only times I really prioritized being ahead of time, was when going abroad via plane, train, or boat. I always found that schedule more crucial to abide. You don’t get a second chance there, the plane won’t wait for you.

As I got older and joined the workforces, this got kind of more stressful. And it happened now and then that I missed the bus and did not make it in time for work. But luckily my boss was kind, and just replied with thanking me for giving him extra coffee time. The longest delay I had were 40 minutes, but that was due to a wave of unfortunate events that specific day. But running to the bus every morning was so tiresome, and I was super sweaty when arriving at the bus stop, and it was just a pure struggle. I wasn’t in good shape at all, still doing video games and fast food. Hey, Sonic is in 3D by now.

The gym journeys early beginnings

I made the decision to start going to the gym, to actually start running, since it seemed to be quite important to me. When you reach the age of 20 and still need to run in order to get in time for whatever you’re supposed to do, you might as well get good at running so that you don’t have to look like a beaten horse when you arrive. I signed up for a gym, and started running on a treadmill, oh boy that was so boring. I guess running still was not on my list of fun things to do. I started doing a 3,22km run, it’s based on the US Army fitness test where you have to run the distance as fast as you can and get a score based on your results.

The first time I ever ran that test I remember getting a time of around 32 minutes, I also had to hit the pause button somewhere in between there. I thought it was a good time at that point until I later Googled it and found out that a regular time for that run would be anywhere between 14-19 minutes. Then I got determined to improve, and not only to improve but to get a score of 100 points. I don’t even think I got a score in the 32-minute run, to be honest. No shocker though, as I don’t think you belong in the US army if you spend that long time on such a distance. And this is where my attitude towards running started to change.

running owlando

Running is freedom

Somewhere around 2006 while playing the game Sonic 06, I remember a quote of Sonic where he said that running is freedom. As long as you’ve got time to worry, then run. And as my days on the treadmill increased, I constantly got this quote in my head. And when spring came, I started to run outside, and it was really fun. I had lived in Oslo for a year or so, but have not really seen too much of it, but wow, I got to see so many places while running around. Free running around quickly became one of my most favoured things to do, around each corner was something new to behold. It was just a pure feeling of freedom, a kind of rush if you get me, and this rush was so damn good!

Also on the list of benefits, the morning run to catch the bus became a breeze. No more super sweaty clothes and stench when arriving. I even managed to wake up at 08:11 one day and managed to reach the bus that came at 08:19, that was a new record for me. Running really became important to me, and just as Sonic said in that game, it was freedom. If you’ve got the freedom to run on your own legs, that’s a privilege, and you can see so much of the world that way. I just simply love it, even though I started out hating it.

The current me and the new fitness journey

Nowadays I am running to beat my own personal records, it’s been long since I started tracking my runs with Runkeeper. And I keep running against myself, and it really is fun! Two days ago I beat my own personal record with ten seconds, and that was a really great day for me. My current personal record on the 3,22km run is now at 12:37, and I am still aiming to get this down to 12:00 at some point in time. But I am so happy when I compare it to my initial run at 32:27 some years ago. That’s when you really see results, and it really motivates me to keep going.

Although last year I fell out of the gym routine, due to back pain and a lack of motivation in general. I probably visited the gym 1-4 times per month, if even that. Sadly it did not bother me either, or maybe it did, just a little. But around the Autumn last year, some of my friends started out on some fitness journeys, I do not really know, but they went to the gym very often. As I follow them on Snapchat and Instagram I could see their progress and dedication, that really got me motivated again. Seeing as one of my friends entered a bodybuilding competition some weeks ago, that also really motivated me to get going.

So now I am back, with a more stable routine, which I pray that I can keep. I think it will be easier now since I’ve got a friend with me and he also has some goals to reach. Previously it was all up to me when I went to the gym or not. And sometimes it was just too comfortable to just stay put on the sofa, a soda and a good game. But now whenever that thought hits my head, I remind myself that I promised my friend and that really helps to get me there. We started during the Easter holiday, and so far we’ve been to the gym three to four times a week. And I am really happy with this routine, and we both really experience the results, both in running times and strength gains. I’ll start putting up my running times for each day from now on, and I guess that will be my little fitness journey from now. When I reach the 12:00 time on the 3,2km run, I will have a great celebration, that’s for sure!

So yeah, I guess that’s my running story and my future fitness plan! Thanks for reading!


Those joyful RedBull mornings

RedBull, when you need the wings to fly or in order to just wake up

As my gym training routine has become quite frequent, I can feel that I’m not all that full of energy anymore. Like this goes just for the mornings, I think I might have gotten addicted to having coffee or RedBull in the morning. Cause lately I’ve been needing a boost to get going, and today was no different, or it was, it was extra difficult to wake up today.

My friend and I discussed it since we both have been feeling a bit more tired lately, but this won’t stop. Our frequent gym visits have been going so well, and the progress we’ve made so far is good, too good to stop!

So here’s to a RedBull morning! My plans for the day are to take more photos for my photo project, and hopefully, I will get the photos that I need in order to complete this project. It’s been going on for two weeks now, so I am quite ready to finish things up! And if I am lucky I’ll catch some great amounts of Pokemon today as well, the sun is shining! Also I’ve made some new uploads to my Instagram, so please check it out if you want.

Anyways that’s the post for today. I think I am getting better at blogging more frequently already, so cheers for that too! Have a RedBull (or not) and enjoy the day!

The Sonic phone holder can be used for so many things! Love it!

A long day with school, gym and porridge

Schoolday, gym and porridge

Well, the title here should probably be a good indicator of what this topic is about. So yeah, I went to school today, no shock there, and today we had an evaluation of our ongoing project. To be honest, I was struggling with this project, but it seems that I got some good feedback and great help on what to do further on. The project is finished on Friday, so I don’t have much time left, but I will reach the goal line this time as well!

After school I went straight to the gym with a friend, we really got this gym routine going this time. It is actually fun to see the progress we have been making already.  Later on, I went home, I bought some porridge to enjoy, I was so hungry after the exercise so I really needed some heavy food.

Pleasant mail surprises

When I was about to eat my porridge, I got a call from an unknown number, I didn’t answer it. But then I googled it and figured out that it belonged to a courier firm, which means something was sent to me. I didn’t recognize it at first, but then I remembered ordering a Sonic phone holder some while ago, and when I realized I quickly called them back and got my parcel redirected. And guess what, they managed to deliver it like five minutes later. So…

I got Sonic, and he will soon get to hold my phone! Gotta go fast! Have a good night everyone!


The past blogging story of Owlando

Mobile blogging craze

Many years ago I was quite good at blogging on the go as they call it. That meant that I could take a picture with my phone, and then quickly upload it to my blog, all done within five minutes. But it’s been quite a while since those days, and as you’ve probably noticed, this blog doesn’t get quite as frequent updates. I guess I hope to change this up a bit. By being less mindful of it, since that has been my biggest issue the last years, I needed to have it perfectly done, or else I would not do it. So here’s a promise, I will be blogging a lot more from now on. It might not be long blogposts, but at least it will be some quick updates on my day life. I think I will make a category for this properly named mobile blogging.

My past blogging story

As mentioned, back in the days I used to blog a lot. At that time it was at the Blogspot service, now known as just Blogger and owned by Google. Back then I had a Sony Ericsson phone, which had a built in blog button that took you straight to the upload page and a few seconds later a new post was uploaded. I guess this was part of the reasons to why I used to blog so much, it was so simple. The truth is that it ain’t more difficult today, but it’s more hidden. And it kind of felt more like a hassle.

Also, it might be the fact that I’ve started to care more about the SEO parts of blogging, you know all the stuff about keywords and such. The things that makes your blog appear more often on search engine searches. But I guess I got too focused on all that. Way back I just took a picture, wrote some words to go with the picture and hit the upload button, that’s it. Which resulted in me having a blog dating back many years of memories, but…

I lost it all

At one point in time, Google decided to buy Blogspot. And as a result of this, they had to move all the data from Blogspot to Googles server to host Blogger. I got a mail beforehand that warned that maybe 1% of the bloggers could experience issues due to this migration. And guess what, I was a part of that one percent, my blog got deleted. Or at least it disappeared during the migration. I had a lot of mails heading Google’s way, and after a few weeks I got a mail that they were able to restore parts of my blog. Keep in mind here that I started that blog in 2005, and this happened sometime during 2010, so quite a time-span there. When I got this mail I was so happy, I got my blog back, and at first I just thought I had to just accept missing some days or weeks of content. But guess what. They managed to restore all the text, not the pictures.

If your remember what I wrote a bit earlier here, I used to take a picture, and put some words to it before I hit the upload button. So what was left was a lot of posts with a few words and nothing more. It’s quite useless to have a blogpost that says for example “this is a nice view” and that’s it. As a result of this, I decided to just delete the whole thing, and tryout something else. was my next place to go, and it was a fun adventure to be honest. But it was a lot more troublesome, as you had to blog from the website, no mobile app existed back then and the smartphones weren’t that smart.

The era

The nice things about bloggNO was that it was already a community, your published posts were shared easily on the community so that you could get readers more easily. You could even pay money in order to get featured on the front page, which in turn gave you even more readers, if it was a well written blogpost that is. So I began my blogging adventure here around 2010 and kept it going for a while, I even managed to rank up around 50 regular readers, and I was quite happy with that. Occasionally I wrote some posts that really made success, and it was really fun to be discovered.

I don’t really remember what happened after that, but the blogging interest diminished and my blog went straight to the grave. Who would bother to check out a blog with no content? The fun thing was that when that happened, they actually announced a mobile app for blogging on the go. But it did not help at all, I was done with blogging. But hey, I came back some years later. But during that time I have managed to get some kind of OCD which made me write for a few weeks, get tired, delete all the posts and then get inspired to write from the beginning again. And that’s my story so far, and this blog here is my newest try to keep the blogging trend living.

My aim for this blog and for the future is to keep it going, and to not delete anymore posts from it. Keep it as it is, no matter what. And hopefully as time goes by, I’d even manage to get some casual readers again too. That would be fun!


YouTube channel updates and thoughts

Owlando returns to YouTube

It’s been quite a while since my last YouTube video, to be honest, I only managed to make an intro video before I lost all my data. Then it took quite a while to get it back, I was quite lucky to get it back, so I am grateful as a bee who just found nectar.

So here’s my YouTube update, I won’t write too much about it so please have a look at it instead. Still, a lot of work has to be done, and I need to delve into colour grading, titles and transitions. Also, I need some kind of intro clip, also known as a bumper. Anyways, have a look over here. And if you want an overview, then head over to my YouTube channel here, or browse it straight from my page here.

As scary promise to be kept

If you watched the video above, you probably got my first plan, which was a promise to make a video while playing Outlast 2. I had to follow up on that promise, and here’s the first video of the Outlast 2 series on my channel. To be honest, I can’t guarantee that there will be more episodes, I can only promise to try. As mentioned, I hate scary games, can’t stand them, but I will try my best. Please have a look here as well, but yeah, it’s quite long. I’ll probably learn to better mix up these videos as I continue to make them. So please bear with me.

Future YouTube channel planning

Now that two videos are done, I can only try to keep this up. So plans are needed in order to figure out where to go next. Of course, there will be more gaming related videos, as well as more vlogs. I will try to do some on-the-go vlogs by just using my iPhone and iMovie or Adobe Clip. I am not sure how to do it yet, also I will try to get by my need to get both video and sound as good as possible. Since it kind of hindered me to produce stuff. But hey, I’m back now, so keep your eyes up for the new channel updates!

youtube owlando


A jolly day with the birds

The love for birds, and the bird photo urge

I love birds, always have and always will, it’s just as easy as that. To be honest, I am not sure quite why, but I can give you some quick reasons that I think of straight away.

  1. They are beautiful and cute
  2. They can fly and are free
  3. They have beaks and feathers
  4. They are colourful
  5. They are beautiful and cute, yeah this needed to be said twice!

The beauty of birds

So that was quite quick yeah, I also need to mention that I have had pet birds mostly all of my life. Got a budgerigar when I was around four or five years old, I named him Teis, but I originally meant to name him Tails, after Sonic the hedgehog’s sidekick. But I got it wrong due to my English skills at that age, so yeah, maybe the next budgerigar will be properly named Tails. As for now I just have one budgerigar, his name is Budgie, properly and creatively named as expected. No, not really, Budige is short for budgerigar, so he’s basically named after what he is. Oh, here’s a picture of him, the little cute feathered wonder.

My pet budgerigar, Budgie

Anyways, I love birds, that’s the main case, and I do frequently take photos of them, wild ones and tame ones. It’s some kind of urge I get now and then, and just recently I got to satisfy that urge. Here are some of my bird pictures from a few days ago. Hope you like them, cheers, happy holidays, and spread the love for birds. Also, please check out my Instagram account for more bird photos to come. The ones I posted here are just some of the ones I took.

March Birds Mini Gallery

Remember, the bird is the word!


A blissful vacation day

The blissful days of vacation and work

Beautiful vacation day

Vacation is wonderful, and if you manage to combine it with some work, that makes it even better! And actually, I was able to do so, while earning money I also got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. So here’s yesterday, this is a short post though.

First off was work early in the morning, cold but good, since it gave me some income. I guess that’s the beauty of working freelance. Later on, I met up with a friend, we have a plan of becoming fit, so we are starting a regular gym habit. I am really excited about that since going to the gym alone has failed me so many times. The sofa is just too good on a cold winter day. But now I have high hopes for this, I will explain more about this in a separate post. Anyways, here’s some of the day in pictures. I am now heading out again for a stroll in the sun before another gym session commences. Enjoy the day!


Pokémon community day for Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur appreciation day in Pokémon Go

I can spill the beans already, I’m a Pokémon Go player, a casual one at that. Today was a special event, one where heaps of a specific Pokémon will spawn within a three-hour time span. This usually happens once a month, and this months Pokémon was Bulbasaur.

Pokémon Go Bulbasaur day

I have only seen and been able to catch this cute little plant monster once during my entire career as a Pokémon trainer, which started in July 2016. Needless to say, I needed to catch this event!

A sign of spring

I would never have managed to catch this event if it weren’t for the fact that the weather was on my side this day. A clear blue sky, warm air, and quite a cheerful feel to it. I wouldn’t even have considered it if the temperature was anywhere below zero. But today was perfect, and it felt like a teaser of spring, and I’m so looking forward to that.

Originally I was only supposed to be out for the duration of the Pokémon Go event. But I ended up being out for some additional hours. Even brought my camera, so some free time shots were taken. It was good to finally take some pictures without any assignment in mind.

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing, tomorrow is a new week, a new workday, and I also have a gym session planned. I guess my new addiction for the Sonic Boom animated series is a good way to end the day. See ya!


Saturday new hair and other doings

Changes are made on Saturdays

It’s finally Saturday, and it is also vacation, which means time for total relaxation. Or kind of, I had some plans for this day, plan number one was to get a haircut, the reason being this.

saturday old hair

For quite a while I have been saving up hair, you see, I have this really talented friend that I go to whenever I need to get a haircut. In other words, I won’t go anywhere else, due to each and every time I’ve cheated on my friend, I ended up with bad results. Last time I got a haircut was in November 2017, we found that out today actually. My plan was to get a haircut before Christmas, but our timing matched badly and I didn’t have time for it before I left the city for my parent’s house. The next time around was in January, but even this time our schedules mismatched, so needless to say, I went on for quite a while without a haircut. But today it finally happened. And wow, I am so satisfied with this look, I can’t say it enough, I recommend everyone that needs a good haircut to check this place out: Hairdo Ideas. Ask for Soso!

saturday new hair

Goodbye to lots of hair

A lot of hair was left at the salon, so yeah, I figured if I collected all of it I could probably make something out it. But in the end, we both agreed that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, so I didn’t. Leaving the salon I went straight to the gym, as I have this ambition of getting back into my exercise routine again. It has been quite a while since I was a gym-goer, but I want to change this now. Hopefully, a friend will join me on this, as he also needs to get in shape quickly. Training together with some friends always makes for better results, so I have heard, and so I believe.

saturday evening

Late Saturday night plans

On my way home I decided to just walk instead of taking the subway, it’s only one stop after all. While walking I saw this nice sunset, that I so wish that I could share with you guys, but know what, my shit-phone died on me when I was trying to take the picture. Even though the battery level was above 60 percent, I am pretty sure that this iPhone will die soon, but I hope it survives until Apples next phone release news. Anyways, I got the picture shown above at least. I got home and took a nice warm shower, and now I am planning to eat some spicy tikka masala before I start streaming a game on Twitch. If you want to, you can check it out on this link to my Twitch channel. I am not sure which game I will play tonight, but I think it will either be a scary one or maybe not, anyways. Have a nice Saturday night folks!


My desktop kind of looks like this

So I guess this is a presentation of my desktop

This is part of me trying to be more active as a blogger, and why not start with introducing the spot where I mostly blog from. My desktop. Blog, film, edit and surf, all done from this spot right here.

desktop 1

I don’t really know if I am supposed to write about the gadgets, but I’ll do it anyways since it’s me. I have a MacBook Pro over there on the non-official Mac stand, straight under it is a GoPro camera that’s quite often used in all situation just to get some footage from wherever I am or whatever I’m doing. Oh well, my background is Ugandan Knuckles, just because I loved that meme so badly, and I do not want it to die out. On my wall is a legend of Zelda poster, cause I am a gamer obviously and I want to decorate with gaming posters.

On the left side is the Blue Yeti microphone, quite a good one to be honest, and a cheap pop-filter that I bought on sale. It works great, and usually supply my gaming habits as well as my home-filming habits and live streams. I am also going to try to figure a way to connect it to my SLR somehow but at the moment I’m just out of ideas. Oh and yeah, on top of the screen is a webcam I’ve had for quite a while, rarely been using it though, but hey there’s a time and place for everything. Also, I have a lot of hard drives there too, just waiting to get back “the source” so that they can copy and backup everything. I will never ever be without a backup again! Last but not least, I won’t forget to mention the little yellow happy hopper figure located right below the screen. He’s been with me on quite some journeys already.

desktop 2

A creative desktop dream

For quite a while I have had a really small desktop table, barely able to fit anything on it but the Mac and the stand. My dream was always to have a creative desktop, with room for lots of gadgets and equipment. Just because you never know when you’ll need it at hand, and by now I can say that I think I am almost at that desktop dream already. I can’t really say that I am lacking anything as it is now, and I am so grateful for having this desktop dream come true.

As soon as my restored harddrive files are back I can finally get back to showing you guys some content that I was working on before the fatal event occurred. And since the vacation is finally here, I can also post some more videos and get back to the streaming part, while also managing to get out and take some photos for myself again. So make sure to check out my social channels like YouTube and Instagram. Lately, it’s mostly been as part of assignments, but I guess that’s just natural. I digressed there, but hey, this is today’s post, and now you know about my desktop, enjoy!


Time for the long awaited holiday

It’s been hectic for a while, but now it’s time for a holiday

Since I started school in late January it has been a quite constant rush of assignments. The feeling that you never quite catch up has been with me for some time, but hey, I managed all my assignments in time. And now it is time for a holiday, Easter is upon us and at last, I get time to refine what I have learned, and to also spend some time doing nothing but relax.

Also, I will spend this short holiday on doing some proper adjustments to my whole life schedule, as it has been a total mess for the last few months. It is about to get back on track and make some proper use of this break. So that I can be fully prepared and ready to give it all to school when I return in about ten days. Also, I will try to get some work this coming week too, in order to at least save up some money. School crashes quite often with available work, so yeah, it would be good to make some cash too.

holiday picture

Personal focus on the internet

As school and my lack of routine has made basically everything a mess, I finally have time to do some more work on my personal projects such as this blog, my YouTube channel, and my Instagram/500px account. And hey, today I also got a message from IBAS (the company that restores harddrive data) that they managed to get back around 80-100% of my data back. Which means I finally can get back my memories, and to be honest, my life. It really does something to you, or to me at least, knowing that you’ve lost all your memories. But now I do not have to worry anymore, next week I will receive my data back. Seems like this will be a good holiday, maybe I’ll even encounter the Easter bunny, who knows?

I’ll keep you guys updated here on my holiday activities, so stay tuned for more! And yeah, have a nice holiday!


The green nightmare

This time it was all about nightmare

So I recently finished an assignment at school, the topic for this one was nightmare and we had full creative freedom on this one. I love whenever full creative freedom is given, because you can basically do anything you want, and it will not be wrong.

With that in mind I had a real brainstorm evening some days before the deadline, what on earth can you do on this assignment, I asked myself. Initially I wanted to do something about dreams, using warm light and soft images as a way to show a good dream. But two things stopped me, number one I do not see the landscape and light I want in the current conditions. It is winter after all, and it is Norway, which means it is really cold, and the light is soft but a lot of blue tones. I’m not a fan of being outside for longer periods of time when it’s cold, I freeze easily and this made me scrap my idea of a dream theme.

A fruitful massacre

Nightmare from a fruits perspective

The thoughts began swirling around the theme of nightmares and something dark, horrible and gruesome. But even with this in mind I still want to do it my own way and add something kind of cute to it. And for some reason the question: What would a nightmare be if I were a fruit or a vegetable? And my first thoughts were getting cut in pieces ready for serving, but that thought led me deeper into the thoughts similar of Toy Story, where basically dead objects are given life. Imagine what would happen if Red pepper would go to war against Green pepper, what would the outcome be?

A green healthy nightmare filled with fruits, that was my thought, and all these pictures developed from that idea. I got the pictures in my head, quickly sketched them down in my sketchbook, and later on I went to the grocery in order to buy the fruits and vegetables I needed. Using the kitchen as the natural area for the crime scene, this is after all where most vegetables and fruits are tortured. So I quickly set up my tripod, found some good way to fix the light issues, or at least I think I found a good way. And then I started to use the stickers from my sticker book, and voila, this is what it became.

This can also be viewed from my portfolio which you can find here

Instagram reboot, and the reason why I did it

Sometimes you just want to hit restart on Instagram

Firstly I need to put this clear, I’ve got an OCD, I have not gotten a diagnose for this but I am pretty damn sure that I got this. This is due to me regularly getting things out of control, and then needing to restart stuff. I regularly format my Mac, I regularly re-organize my file systems, and sadly I have to say that I quite often restart my blog. But this has got to come to an end, and it ends right now. This blog will live, and I will promise to not restart this one, starting today. But yeah, back on topic, I wiped all my pictures from Instagram recently. Why?

Vegard Orlando Owlando portrait

Instagram became a chore

Last year I read a book about Instagram, how to get successful and what to do in order to increase exposure of my account. It was a lot of tips and tricks, like hiding your hashtags in the comments. Tagging a lot of hub accounts, and also using a lot of hub hashtags creating lists of hashtags to use for specific pictures, posting at the right time of the day, etc. This became a lot of work, and also you had to do this three times a day in order to grow.

Earlier I only took some pictures now and then, posted them with a funny text or something else. Maybe I added a hashtag, but mostly I did not. I did not care about likes at all, and it was totally fine that way. After reading the book, I became obsessed with having pictures in series, getting the right hashtags, and getting the posts posted at the perfect time. It became such a bother, that I did not enjoy it at all anymore. And the worst thing, I continued to do it, I posted three pictures a day for quite a long time. Let me tell you this, I hate doing house chores, cleaning and vacuuming. And now Instagram gave me the same vibes. It had to stop.

A fresh breath and a new take on Instagram

So here I am, with a blank Instagram account. Or I still got some followers left though, and for some reason, the account still says that I have 1 post even though I have not. The account has been blank for some days, and I took a break from Instagram. Life moved on, and I slowly got out of the three pictures a day habit. My mind settled, and now I feel that I can begin again. A new take, I am still going to use hashtags, but I found some really good ones, and I will not be changing them. I will try to reclaim my #owlando and #heyowlando hashtags, as well as not focus so much on when I post. I want to go back to just posting whatever I want whenever I want to. I am aware that this makes the account less professional, but hey, you know what? I don’t care at all, I don’t want to get locked into an Instagram recipe obsession again. I will soon post my very first picture there, and I will try to make it a custom to also post the picture here on the blog as a picture-post with a short story included. This makes it a whole lot more interesting, one thing I’ve learned about photography is that the story behind the picture is just as interesting as the picture itself.

A clean view of my Instagram account @owlando

Aight, have a look out for my #firstpicture on my account Owlando, and please do follow me. Also if you want me to look at some of your pictures, then please use #heyowlando. Have a good night!


How my photographic journey began

Taking the photographic steps

I’ve been into photography for quite a while, if you did read the previous post about me, you’ll already know that. If you didn’t then let me tell you that my first steps on this photographic journey started around the age of eight. It was a series of coincidences that led me to it, quickly told it began with me watching a series on tv.

An image showing some scenes from Caitlin?s way. Picture from:

The series and the camera

The series was named Caitlin’s way, and it was about a rebellious city girl who was forced to move out to the country. Moved to a farm to be specific, and it revolves around her adapting to the different lifestyle. During this series, she picks up on photography and starts working as a photojournalist for a local newspaper.

This seemed like fun, and while the series was at its peak I coincidentally found my dad’s old camera. Luckily it was in working condition and my dad allowed me to use it, so I quickly bought some film and bang, that’s my very first step into the world of photography.

The story so far

Through the years that have passed, I’ve taken a lot of pictures. Most of them only by trying out different settings without actually knowing what they do. Just turn some dials here and there and see how it turns out, that was my workflow for the most part.

But I decided to go a bit further, and by starting at Soltun Folk High School I got to try out travelling and photography. Having a great teacher named Tommy Simonsen, I got to experience wild Africa and also learning a thing or two about photography.

This helped me quite a lot, and I started to grasp more of the photographic workflow. But for quite a while I felt my progress stagnated, and I wasn’t improving anymore. I got a bit of a creative stop, and for a while, I stopped taking photos. But that wasn’t a right solution, I missed it so much. And I wanted to take it to the next level, so I decided to attend a true photography school.

Hello, Bilder Nordic School of Photography

Yeah recently, as recent as the 28th of January this year, I began life as a student yet again. Bilder Nordic School of Photography is the name of the school, but from here on I will shorten it to BNSOP. I can see why they also shorten it to BNSOP because it is a really long name.

The days at this school is really hectic, there’s a lot of assignments, and there are a lot of things to learn. The teachers are really great, and I don’t think I have ever gotten so much input in such a short amount of time. Also, I discovered that photography also has a lot of math involved, to be honest, I have never ever thought of that.

Shortly summarized, a little over a month has passed since I started, and already I have learned a lot of new tips, tricks and techniques. Finally, I am starting to get an understanding of what I do, and why pictures turn out like they do. I am going to share a lot of my learnings here on this blog under the tag photoschool, so follow up on that one if you want to learn a thing or two.

Well, I guess that’s it for this post, stay tuned for more.


A story about myself

A little backstory about the website owner

Hey there my name is Vegard Orlando, and I am the guy behind this website, or the guy behind the camera, depends on what you prefer actually. But on this specific page, I will be the main focus, so here’s the story about me and my doings in life thus far.

The story begins with a long journey

My first journey in life was from Colombia in South-America and all the way to Norway in Europe. As a baby, I was adopted to Norway, and I grew up in the eastern part of Norway with my parents and my cat Pusur. My parents love travelling and they do it a lot, so naturally, I also went on quite a few journeys as a kid. We travelled usually 1-3 times per year, and going abroad became as natural to me as taking the bus somewhere. To travel will always be in my heart, and one of the things I love the most, to travel is to live. I have a goal of seeing as much of this planet as I possibly can before I leave it. Life is an adventure, so I want to make the most of it!

Eyes opened for photography

At around the age of eight, I started watching a television series name Caitlin’s way, it was about a young rebel girl who moved out to the countryside and slowly adapting to life outside of the city. During the series she get´s a job as a photographer and journalist for a local newspaper. I do not really know why this got me so into wanting to try photography, but the SLR cameras looked so cool and I just wanted to try it. Normally I have just used disposable cameras for vacation pictures, I just took a whole bunch of random pictures.

But one day my dad cleaned up the basement storage in our house, I helped him, and we found the old SLR camera that he used when he was younger. It was still in working condition, and I got to borrow it, I bought some film and tried this one out. I couldn’t really understand anything about it, so I just pressed a few buttons, turned the camera lens and snapped some pictures. Delivered the film and waited eagerly for the pictures to be developed, sadly none of them were even in focus, or correctly exposed. They were so far from it as they could get. But I tried again and again and slowly got the hang of it.

Later on, I got a DSLR as a birthday gift, and this is where photography really came into my life. I really enjoyed long random walks with the camera, snapping anything that seemed interesting. And the best part, not having to wait for the developed film to see the results. From that point I became a digital photographer, and have later expanded the camera equipment, currently having a Canon 6D full-frame camera with various lenses.

Now in the year 2018, I recently started as a student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, BNSOP for short. This is me wanting to develop more skills within photography, as I feel that I have been on a hold for a while. It was a do or don’t, currently, I work freelance for a company named JCP and have the freedom to choose when to work. I might not have that chance again ever. I have always wanted to attend a school to study photography and finally it happened. So this is my journey towards becoming a real photographer.

Love for the art of making videos and graphic design

Prior to this, I studied graphic design at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo for two years, having the third year spent in Australia at Griffith University Gold Coast. This resulted in a Bachelors degree within Photomedia, which includes parts of graphic design, videography, digital storytelling and photography. It was through that study course that I really fell in love with the art of making videos, so I made my own YouTube channel recently and started making some gaming videos, vlogging and other miscellaneous video projects. You can have a look at my YouTube channel here.

And some completely random information at the end

So yeah that’s basically a short version of my story so far in life, if you want to know more about me and what I do, then I suggest following this blog. Here I will share stories from my life, pictures, videos, and other projects. So let’s end this page with five random facts about me.

  1. I love owls, even the name Owlando is a pun modelled after my middle name Orlando, actually, I do love all birds in general, but I really do love owls. How can you not love those beautiful creatures?
  2. I was or I still am quite a picky eater, for the first 10-15 years of my life, I mainly ate 3-8 various dishes of food. Ranging from different pasta types, pizza, porridge and soup. Sad but true, later on, I have broadened my food choices.
  3. I am spontaneous and live in the moment, I rarely plan things, I take every day as they come and make the best out of them. Don’t get me wrong, I am able to plan, and most of the adult life makes you plan stuff all the time. But when I am able to, I just prefer to live in the moment.
  4. I am quite childish and random, I do and say random stuff all the time. I am still addicted to different cartoons that most people my age have grown from. I like to draw cartoons and doodles at random places and random hours.
  5. I am most creative at nights, sadly but most of the stuff that I do have been done like after 11 pm. I really do not know why, but a lot of creative thoughts just pop up in my head at night. And then I have to get started in order to benefit from the creative zone. Sadly it often results in being up to around 3-4am, which is quite late. But hey, I have read so many places that this is very typical for a creative person, so I am not alone about this, luckily.

That’s it folks

If you read this, then thank you for taking your time, and I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to contact me if you have some assignments for me, or maybe even a job opportunity. You never know what the day will bring.

Have a nice day!




The humble beginnings

All beginnings need the first step

Hey there, and welcome to my little spot on the world wide web. Cheers for the new beginnings, everyone has got to start off somewhere, and this is where I start. I am fully aware that this isn’t the real first start, but since my hard disk drive had a crash which left me with basically zero files left. I decided this was my mark, this is where I begin everything anew.

Previously I have always had the content, just putting it back together in new ways. Now it’s all about new content, since yeah, everything from now on will be new content. I do not yet know the fate of my hard disk drive and the files, but I am ready nonetheless. It is time to begin this journey, my journey towards photography. I won’t give this up no matter what!

A warm welcome to Owlando’s website

So, what now? What can you expect to find here as time goes by?

Well as with all beginnings, it’s quite empty here as this will be the very first post on this site. But I can start this one by explaining my grand plan for this area, my little spot on the world wide web. Think of this place as somewhat a digital diary, and digital portfolio. Besides this, I plan to do some tutorials and showcase my whole journey towards becoming a photographer.

At the moment I am a student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, and by studying here I hope to gain the skills needed to take my photography to the next step. Combining this with my previous education within digital media, graphic design, video experience and an endless lust for travel. I hope to make this place here quite exciting for you as a reader, both in terms of context and content. So, please do follow me on my journey, and give me a chance to fulfil this promise. Thank you so much for your time!