Early morning Pokmon gym takeover

A good Pokémon morning

Early mornings I like to do some PoGo (Pokémon Go) because a lot of the gyms around the city are unattended. This is because most of the ones who keep the gyms under control are asleep. If you try doing this during the day in a central area, you will most likely not manage to take over the gym, and if you do, you’ll lose it again within the first thirty minutes. And yeah that’s how my morning started! Have a nice day today!Owlando

Another yoga experience

Stretch even further

Basically I’m not very flexible, having many years of experience as a gamer came at a cost. Obviously, you can’t expect someone who sits still quite a lot to be so flexible. I’m happy just with how things are, but hey I seize the opportunity to do some yoga as well since I’m here after all.Documenting in progressAs mentioned in an earlier post, this is my summer job, and I’m here to document and help make this event as good as possible. My main fields for the project are photography and the logistics, since I’m the one who brings all the equipment. Hey, it’s good exercise in every way.Owlando

Getting more of Sonic Mania

The first one was like being a kid again

Anyone who knows me knows that I like video games, and if you know me a little more you probably also know that I love Sonic the Hedgehog. And the reason is as easy as I grew up with him, I got my Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) at around the age of five or so. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog, and boy I played that game to the core. Of course being a kid growing up in a small town without interests for either handball or football, gaming became my thing.

I’ve always wondered if I regret spending so much time in front of the television or not, but ultimately I always had a really good time with it. All my favourite games were Sonic games, and through all my years I’ve always been really excited whenever there’s a new Sonic game release. Although the last ten years have been a bumpy ride for my blue fellow, I still stand as a strong fan of both the characters and the games from the franchise. I was the one and only person standing in a non-existing line at the release of Sonic Unleashed and Generations. I am also the one who applied for a day or two off from work whenever a Sonic game was released, I turned off my cellphone and just got into it. Yeah, that’s how I roll!

Sonic is getting back again

Sonic has had a hard time establishing a good gameplay style since going to 3D, and we have had quite many games who lack in different aspects. But hey, Sonic Unleashed and Generations were my two favourites from the 3D era. And my guilty pleasure is that I enjoyed Sonic 06 as well, I either closed my eyes for all the glitches, or I was just lucky to completely avoid all of them on my first playthrough. But yeah, Sonic has struggled, and with the last year’s release of Sonic Forces, I am sad to say that Sonic Team hasn’t yet managed to find their Sonic game style that really works. Or wait, they did it with Unleashed and perfected it with Generations, but for some reason, they stopped building upon that.

But then a game named Sonic Mania was announced the same year as Sonic Forces, two games at the same year, one big Sonic Team title, and one made of indie developers consisting of true Sonic fans hired by SEGA to make a Sonic game. And guess what, they perfected it, they knew what was lacking, and by making Sonic Mania, they brought back Sonic as he used to be. The game was an instant hit and got great scores all around. Not only for the nostalgia, but also because it plays extremely well, and has such a good visual quality. I remembered when I first started the game, I just screamed: HELL YEAH, THIS IS SONIC, HE IS FINALLY BACK! And it was true joy and happiness!

Honest words, it was just like being back in my childhood room in front of the small TV I had back then. It was such a good feeling, I totally loved Mania and played it to the core!

(Playing the game to the core means, playing it insanely much, almost obsessing about it)

classic sonic members

More is coming

And when the game was perfected, I got the rumours a while back that they were planning on expanding it. That news was just like suddenly waking up and realizing it’s like your birthday and Christmas at the same time, or at least it was to me. And now it’s soon here, Sonic Mania + the expansion. Which adds two new playable characters, more multiplayer options, more secrets to discover and on top of that, new zones to play. And they even added an encore mode, which plays the game but the stages being slightly altered. This is just so good, I can’t wait to play it, the release is 17th of July and I will probably be live streaming it on my YouTube channel that day. Or at least make a playthrough video about it.

It’s good to be a fan these days.

sonic mania poster


A lot of summer jobs

The very best summer job

This year I have got a really great summer job, I’ve got to say it’s the best summer job I’ve ever had. And why is that? It is because it is a lot of different summer jobs all packed into one, and let me tell you, this is no ordinary job at all.

summer job improtheater

Earlier this year, the RUTER transport service announced a job position, a summer job you could apply for. The only requirement for this job was that it was a cheerful thing for others to enjoy. It could be anything, and over 300 people applied for a job with a lot of creative suggestions. Out of these 300 appliances, some were picked out and these people got to do their dream job. And that’s where my role comes in, I am hired to document these different activities during summer. Really it is so cool!

summer job samba drums

summer job taekwondo

A lot of people get to do their favourite job, and honestly, I think I’ve got the best summer job myself. Helping out at each activity, and now to the most important part of it, taking photos of the events. So far I’ve been documenting scoot sessions (doing tricks with a scoot bike), improvisational theatre, samba drum lessons, beach yoga, and taekwondo lessons. Later this week I will also cover a dog agility show, a chess tournament, a Riverdance course and a field trip out in the forest. It is really cool! It’s also a really awesome way to test out my new camera which I wrote about here. Anyways, heading off to work, see ya later.

If you want to check out the program and all the events, then head on over to this page.

summer job scoot


The journey as a photographer

How did it begin?

It all began as a kid, as most lifelong hobbies do. While helping my parents cleaning up the basement shed, I found my fathers old SLR camera, it seemed to be in a working condition so I asked to borrow it. At the same time period, I was watching a television series named Caitlin’s way, it was about a rebel city girl who was forced to move to a farmhouse with her family. Slowly adapting to the life on the countryside, she got a job as a freelance photographer at her local school. Watching this series and how she took pictures, got me hooked on photography. Finding my dads SLR gave me the perfect opportunity to try out photography.

I filled my first film quite quickly, but it all turned out to be rubbish, almost all the photos were out of focus. Clearly, I needed a lot of practice, and finding out how the focus worked was priority number one. Many films later I slowly got the hang out of it. Several years later I got a more modern camera for my birthday, a Samsung DSLR camera. That was quite handy because up until now I only turned some dials and took pictures without knowing anything. The Samsung camera had a preview which let you see how the image would turn out before you take the shot, this was quite helpful, and through this function alone I learned more about how to set the settings properly.

Slow but steady

Some years with the Samsung camera made me more confident, and people kept saying I had an eye for things. I didn’t care too much about that, I just loved taking photos. Many years later, I got to attend a Folk High School, and my one year course was named Backpack Photography. If the name was not clear enough, it was all about travelling and photography. That was a perfect fit for me, as I love both just as much. Before starting up, I got another camera as a present, this time it was a Canon 500D, and this camera got quite the adventures ahead of it. It went with me to both Ethiopia, Tanzania, Svalbard, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, and England. It survived all of these adventures, it has a lot of scratches and bumps, but it still works. Now I keep it as a memory, I won’t sell it, it means quite a lot to me even though I don’t use it anymore.

Later on, I moved up to a full-frame camera from Canon, the EOS 6D camera. Going full frame opened up a whole new world to me. Features and possibilities I never thought of became possible, although I did not know nearly enough to make use of them. At that time I still used the try and fail method of taking pictures. Turning the dials here and there until the image looked good in the preview. It took quite a while until I slowly figured the AV, TV, P modes of the camera. It went slow but steady.

The 6D camera went with me on even bigger adventures than the 500D, we travelled Asia together, we lived a year in Australia together. We went to a language school in Spain together, and many other trips. I got gradually better at understanding the dials and how the camera worked. But I wanted to learn it properly, and I wanted an education in the field of photography. Just having finished my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and digital media, I  thought it would be way too much to start another three-year education. Not to mention the costs that would come from it. No, there was no possibility of doing such a thing. But I found something better, a core course in photography at a well-known photography school right here in Oslo, Bilder Nordic School of photography.

I spent six months at this school, finally learned to use the camera to its potential. Of course, there’s still a lot to learn, but now I know the things I need in order to continue my plans.

Plans for the future

So yeah, that’s my story so far and now that the foundation is built it is about time to begin. My future plan is to gradually build up the photography part, and hopefully I can make something out of it in the near future. Doing all I can to promote, develop and learn more about the arts. The course at Bilder Nordic made me better at understanding pictures, and how to select them. Also now that I can handle the camera at a much more advanced level, I can finally start producing some more personal projects. At the same time I want to use the camera and photo knowledge and combine it with video and travelling. Mix them all together and make a job out of it, that’s my dream, my plan, my goal, and I vow to realize it no matter what!

Keep following me on my journey, I’d be happy to have you with me, and for the promotional part here’s the standard: Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for your time, enjoy your day!


Re-branding process of Owlando

Going back to the drawing board

As the blog has been killed off and revived countless of times, I figured I had to make a change of direction, a so-called re-branding. The name Owlando has been with me since early 2013, and since I’ve learned the importance of sticking with a name and visual profile I have not changed the name at all since then. And I probably won’t, I have the social media accounts, the hashtags and website all with the name owlando so it is easy to find me. Also, it is a pun on my name, Orlando, the reason I choose Owlando was because I needed something unique and original. But still, it had to be somewhat short, and also I wanted the name to be similar to my own. Quite a lot of criteria there to fill, but I managed to make one. Owlando was chosen out of the pure fact that I totally love owls, and it’s basically just switching out one letter from my middle name. And the best thing about it, no one else had it at that time, and still today the only ones I know are the Night Owl shops in Australia who in 2015 brought their new mascot Owlando. Anyway…

Logo, slogan, layout and style

Visual profile, that’s quite important, and I need to make one, at the moment I only use my own profile image as a logo, and as an educated graphic designer, I do not think that works at all. I want to make a logo, and it has to be an owl logo. And I want to incorporate the colours of blue and orange of some sort. My slogan has always been my motto, that life is an adventure, I am not sure if I should change that or leave it be. It’s been with me for so long, and it stays true to my viewpoint of life, so I think it should stay with me. When it comes to layout, I want it to be a clear distinctive connection between for example business cards, web pages, designs and the logo should also fit into the layout. All of this is in my drawing book for the moment but I will try to digitalize some examples very soon.

The purpose of it all

Most things have a purpose, and of course, there’s a reason behind all of this as well. Why would I do it without one? The goal of this site is to be somewhat of a hub to all my creations, pictures, videos and designs. As well as being some kind of dairy and a photography showcase. My professional portfolio will also be here, and I hope this webpage will aid me in the search for a job. It’s a bit of everything, just like me, I’m spontaneous and random, I guess that reflects onto this main project as well. I’ll post my updates on this project as it moves forward, who knows when it’ll pop up, it might be tomorrow, or it might be next month. My only promise is that it will be within the year. As you probably know, these things take time, a lot of time. So yeah, that’s the branding process of Owlando. Let’s start!


Welcome to Canon EOS M50

A new addition to my camera gear

And what a camera it is, the new Canon EOS M50, lightweight is beauty in my eyes. Most of my time as a photographer I’ve been used to having a heavy and clunky DSLR camera. But hey, I have always dreamt of having a small yet capable camera, but it always came at quite a loss in image quality to go lightweight. Usually, compact cameras cannot reproduce anything close to what a full-frame DSLR can do.

I am not saying this one can do it either, but it is getting really close. I am still waiting for the real mirrorless full-frame from Canon though. But this baby is sweet as sugar anyways, it is so small, yet it packs so many features. It is marketed as a camera for beginners who want to step up from mobile photography. Honestly, I think this camera is so much more, and that’s why I wanted to make an entire blog post about it.

Here goes!

canon eos m50

The techy specs

Of course, I need to mention the specifications for the ones who are curious about those, and they are quite great I must say, here they are:

Sensor: 24.1MP APS-C CMOS

Lens mount: Canon EF-M

Screen: 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen, 1,040,000 dots

Burst shooting: 10fps

Autofocus: 143-point AF

Video: 4K

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth

Battery life: 235 shots

Weight: 390g

So many uses

So that’s quite some specs for the little camera right? Well, it makes this camera so diverse, you can use it for so many things. It is really good as a travel camera, street photography and such. It can easily act as the main camera as well. I am planning to use this camera for both main photography and video making (YouTube). As it has a MIC port available as well, it makes the sound recording a lot easier too. I have tested this camera through different kinds of photography already, and I am really happy with the results it delivers. With a Gorillapod attached, this camera is as versatile as a camera can be. The flip out screen is also such a nice bonus, which makes selfies and vlogging life so much easier. The only downsides I can find with this camera is that if you make movies in 4K, you will get the videos cropped in on a large part of the image. Which means that it will zoom a lot more, and also you lose the possibility to use Dual-pixel focus. Dual-pixel focus is Canons trademark autofocus system, and it works so great that it is almost like a dream. You can set it to auto track faces or eyes, and that’s all you need to do. It keeps a smooth focus on your subject at most times. The battery is smaller than those of the bigger cameras, so you should probably buy an extra. The last point is that the camera uses EOS-M type lenses, which are smaller, and makes the camera incompatible with the EF and EF-S lenses. But hey, you have the option to buy an adapter.

The conclusion

I can not do anything else than to recommend this camera if you are looking for a versatile camera. Its price tag might be a little stiff, at above 7000NOK but on the other side you get interchangeable lenses, and you can optionally buy an adapter which gives this camera access to all of your other Canon lenses. The quality of the images and videos from this camera is top notch, of course, it still has a way to go to compete with the full frame DSLRs but for being a compact, lightweight crop-camera, this is a really good one. For the time I have had this camera for about a week, and I have tested it through action photography, concert photography, portrait photography and filming. It has been overall great. And as a bonus, it is super easy to transfer pictures to your phone on the go, so that you can instantly post them on social media and such. I just got to say it, this is probably the best camera I’ve ever had. If you want to read more about the camera, head on over here: Canon EOS M50


A single post just about me

Who am I? I am Spider-man

Obviously, I am not Spider-man, but hey that quote from the first Spider-man movie got stuck on my mind. My name is Vegard Orlando, and I’m the sole author of this little blog here, filling it with all kinds of stuff from my life. When I was a baby, I was adopted from Colombia, so I am an adoptee, grew up here in Norway with two loving parents. So I was under a year old when I first crossed continents. My parents love travelling, and so do I, we travelled a lot when I was a kid, and I guess we still do. Here’s a picture of my village, my place of birth, Túquerres located near Pasto in Colombia.

My village, the place where I was born. Túquerres, Narino, Colombia

Over the years I picked up quite a few creative hobbies, such as the love for photography, graphic design and video creation. And today I think I am somewhat of a content creator, or at least aspiring to be one. I love multimedia and want to find a suitable job where I can produce stuff. My biggest dream is to be able to traverse the whole world and see most of it before I die. I’ve been in 20 countries so far, and still a lot more to see. Besides that, I am a spontaneous, optimistic, relaxed, stubborn, random, geeky, animal loving person with a passion for photography.

Trying to keep posts short, and that’s an introduction as basic as you can get. If you want to learn more about me then head over to the about section here and read more. But the best tip I can give you is to just keep up with this blog, and maybe even follow me on the social media if you want. I’d be really happy if you do.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, the links are all there.

Oh, and of course a picture of myself, there you go.

Well, it’s a selfie


The time to begin

Time is crucial for everything

First and foremost, welcome and thank you for visiting my site. It’s been a few ups and downs, and when it comes to time management it probably won’t change. But when is a really good time for anything anyway? I don’t really know, but I feel that now is a good time to begin this blog. School is over, I’ve got somewhat of a summer job and now mostly time is my own to spend. I’ve decided to conquer my OCD and start publishing without following any given order or rules, that’s how I did it back in the days and that’s how I’ll do it now. It all begins with this!

canon eos m50

The blogging life

It’s been roughly ten years now since I last had a stable and running blog, so a ten-year anniversary gift would be to get it stable again. If you’ve been checking up you’ve surely noticed it frequently gets stripped of its content, that’s my OCD acting up. But hey, I’m tired of that, if I allow that to continue then I will never get my “diary” up and running. How good is a diary if you tear out the pages every now and then? Anyways, here it is, my blog. I’m going to fill it with all sorts of stuff from my life. Bits and pixels so to speak. My main topics are photography, travelling, video editing and graphic design. But there’s going to be a lot of daily life stories mixed in as well.

Let’s get this started already, hope you’ll follow along on this journey!

owlando selfie